About Us

Tandem Textile is a subsidiary of Bordo Group. The company is established as a result of the good reputation of Bordo Group in the global textile market. With the increasing demand in ready-wear sector, Bordo Group entered this market under the Tandem Textile brand. With this decision, Bordo Group started to explore the ready-wear market as the extension of textile manufacturing.
With the extensive experience of textile sector, financial power and the reputation of the group, Tandem Textile managed to be in the top 1000 exporter of Turkey based on Turkish Exporters Assembly official data. Although it is new compared to the group, the successes in the export market are extraordinary.

Tandem Textile adopted a business model to guide and transform the fashion industry. For this purpose, the company is working with global fashion brands by offering high-quality ready-wear products. The company has become an important actor in the fashion and textile industry in a short time. In line with the group’s customer-oriented approaches, Tandem Textile focuses on the end-customers and develops special solutions from raw material supply to manufacturing. All of these turn into a reality with the collaboration of its business partners. Thus, new collections are designed and presented to meet the needs and expectations of global brands.

Ready-wear services

Tandem Textile supplies all the requirements of the textile and ready-wear sector. The wide range of services of the company consolidated its position as a reliable brand. The services provided in this field include high-quality textile, accessories, print/embroidery, sewing, packing, special washing, special cards, labels, quality control and barcoding.

Services with higher competitive power

The fashion industry has high competition from textile manufacturing to ready-wear cloth manufacturing. Tandem Textile supplies innovative products and services to increase the competitive advantage of the company. The entire R&D and serial manufacturing systems are designed for this purpose. Printing and embroidery works, accessory and metal products, textile, quality and colour options are provided to achieve a competitive edge in the market. Also, Tandem Textile undertakes green and socially responsible manufacturing with “LEED PLATINUM” and BSCI A Level” certificates.

Solution-oriented services

Finding the best and most adequate solution to meet the customers need is the core definition of a high-quality service. Tandem Textile focused on the solutions that meet the customer demands in the textile and ready-wear sector. These solutions are tailored to meet individuals demands in raw material supply, material delivery and manufacturing processes. This way, the company offers unique solutions rather than a one-fits-all approach.

E-commerce services

In today’s world, a company without any online presence will perish. Tandem Textile is the secret hero of the global brands in their e-commerce operations. On-time and end-to-end delivery systems are coordinated for an integrated supply chain in the textile industry. These systems are supported with a strong IT infrastructure, full-automated manufacturing options, inventory management and tailored manufacturing options. When all these efforts are combined, the business partners of Tandem Textile can enjoy being the strongest actor in the fashion industry.

Entire operations of Tandem Textile comply with the international standards and follow customer satisfaction, social responsibility and environmentally friendly approaches. Any ready-wear business working with Tandem Textile can have these and many other items to gain a competitive advantage in the sector.