About Us

Organic Textile was established in 2007 to meet the high-quality textile demand in the market. Accordingly, the company is specialised in jacquard fabric manufacturing.

The specialised manufacturing area enabled the company to position itself as a trend-setter in the electronic knitted jacquard fabric. With extensive efforts on the manufacturing process, the company sets the standards of the industry in Turkey.

Organic Textile manufactures environmentally friendly, green and jacquard knitted fabric for the global brands mainly in Europe, the US and Russia as well as the rest of the world. Entire manufacturing processes follow the lean manufacturing principles.

The “zero error” principle of the company designed the entire manufacturing processes based on new generation environmentally friendly techniques.

The high-quality approach and advanced machinery and technology investments enabled Organic Textile to be one step ahead of the competitors. The company continues to be the leader jacquard fabric supplier for the global brands to create their collections. This way, the company constantly follows the trends and new techniques to meet the demands of the global brands.


Innovation sets a company apart in the highly competitive sector. Organic Textile have gained highly competitive advantages with innovative management approach. This advantage is achieved with the jacquard fabric products.


Organic Textile continuously invests in new technology to sustain its competitive edge as a green and recyclable jacquard fabric manufacturer. Technologic solutions enable the company to manufacture fast and deliver in a short time.


The fast and highly efficient operations of Organic Textile enable the company to meet the demands with high-quality and in the shortest time possible. The solution-oriented professional team works on optimising the manufacturing and delivery process.


Organic Textile undertakes even the most challenging manufacturing demands. With this spirit, the company is never afraid to try new techniques and designs. The power of the company comes from the courage to try new ideas.


Value is a core principle for the company. The value towards business partners, customers, employees and end-users are always preserved and supported inside the company.