Dynamism and movement are the never-ending phenomena in the fashion industry. In this sense, ready-made clothing manufacturing sector must always update itself, its technology and its know-how. The journey of a product is not completed even after the manufacturing stage. Every piece gains a new form and value in the hands of the end-consumer. Over time, these pieces become an integral part of each consumer. As Bordo Group, we are working hard to present the best, highest quality and well-designed products with the most competitive prices in the market.

Any company in the read-made clothing sector has certain targets. For Bordo Group, these targets involve presenting the best and high-quality products to the consumers. In this manner, the company believe in the need to go beyond customer expectations, to be one step ahead of the customers and to closely monitor innovations and technological developments in this field.

Bordo Group uses both global and local supply chains to manufacture the best products in the sector. The company has developed an interactive business model and strong collaboration principles with the most talented and expert suppliers in yarn, dye, machinery, accessories, metal, trims, print and embroidery suppliers. By using the power that comes from these collaborations, the company offers new and trendy textile, design and capsule collections to its customers.

Expert and creative technical teams in Bordo Group are working with the world-leader teams in the textile industry. These partnership efforts are different fields including special yarn design, knitted fabric, special finish tasks. All these efforts aim to follow the technical developments in the textile sector as well as new printing and fabric washing techniques. The company closely works with chemical and machinery firms to integrate every innovation into the design.

Bordo Group Read-Made Clothing Manufacturing Properties;

• Entire manufacturing processes are undertaken in LEED PLATINUM certified green factory.
• The factories have BSCI A-Level social compliance approval.
• The manufacturing happens in the company’s own facilities in İstanbul and Düzce City with a total of 60.000m2 closed area.
• The entire facilities can manufacture an extensive collection with high capacity and talented team.
• The company can provide short-termination times due to built-in textile factory.
• The machinery and technology investments are high and up-to-date.

Our company manufactures all the products in an environmentally responsible manner by considering the minimum effect on the public and environment. In this sense, our main motivation is to see end-consumers to love and use our products in different countries around the world. We are putting all our efforts and resources to see this happen.