As Bordo Group, we are constantly developing our main manufacturing activities with our long experience in the textile sector. To fulfil this purpose, we are combining our large industrial capacity with new generation textile technologies.

Our company has earned a strong position and good reputation among global knit fabric manufacturers with know-how and experience. To sustain our position, we continue to manufacture high-quality knit fabric. With our advanced technology and R&D efforts, we manage to specialise in a wide textile range including natural and sustainable textiles such as organic cotton, recycle, natural silk, cashmere, wool, linen, bamboo and kapok as well as viscose, modal, floss silk, Tencel, polyamide, polyester and lycra blends. We have become a leader textile supplier for the upper-middle segment and upper segment global brands as jacquard fabric manufacturer to enables these brands to offer sportswear, outdoor and casual wear products.

Our large machinery park includes high-tech manufacturing machines such as circular knitting machine and jacquard machine. With this extensive machinery park, our company can manufacture all types of knit fabric. The high capacity of the new generation manufacturing lines can meet customer demands at different scales.

Textile Design Process

Before our textile design process, our company conducts extensive market research to find more about seasonal trends. By doing that, our expert design team creates new textile quality and colours for each season. In addition to manufacturing for the latest trends, our company can also manufacture the quality and colours of the previous seasons.

Since one of the main principles of our company is customer satisfaction, we can manufacture special design, new colours and special collections depending on the needs and budgets. Our company reflects the experience in high-quality knit fabric by covering a wide manufacturing area from elegant design to limited edition products with modern and unique lines.

The textile collections developed by Bordo Group have the following properties:

• Functional design with nanotechnology properties.
• High-quality fibre
• Comfortable
• Soft texture
• Perfect fit
• High-quality finish to add value to brands.
• Trendy and fashionably colours.
• Beyond international standards.
• QA with independent tests.

As Bordo Group, we continue our 50-year long journey with the trust of our customers and with our high-quality textile products. These two elements are what makes us a successful brand in such a highly competitive business environment.

Some of the brands and customers that our company has worked until today include Diesel, Armani, Moschino, Versace, Kway, Kappa, Superdry, Asos, H&M, Bjorn Borg. We aim to work with more global brands and extend our products around the world.