Raising future generations to be more sensitive and equipped individuals is an essential element of Bordo Group’s corporate social responsibility policy. Bordo Group works hard to do its share in building a better society by supporting educational projects to raise modern generations in line with the cultural and social values of the society they belong to.

“Don’t wait! Donate!” Campaign

Bordo Group organized the Don’t wait! Donate! campaign and filled so many High School’s library with books as a result of volunteer efforts by its employees. All employees volunteered to participate in the campaign through the book collection spots created at the facilities, striving to instill reading habits in students and help them to grow into good individuals for society.

Seminars and Panels

Bordo Group executives attend numerous seminars and panels every year with aspirations to share their industry know-how of many years with the textiles industry professionals of the future.

Internship Opportunities

Bordo Group offers various internship programs to university students at its facilities in different countries. As part of its agreements with universities, it offers industrial engineering and management students various positions in the projects.