Brand Heritage

Bordo Group brand, which was created in 1968 has identified the existence of the brand with its service field beyond time and people.

Always attaching importance to the integrity of corporate culture with brand lines, Bordo Group has proved its universality by achieving the update itself in accordance with the rate of transformation of World’s leading fashion brands.

The journey of Bordo Group, which started in Istanbul, has exceeded the borders of the city first and then carried the Bordo Group brand to the world with the perception of success and trust beyond the borders of the country.

Bordo Group continuously improves the brand to expand its market recognition and market share within the global fashion industry. These targets are consolidated with customer satisfaction across the stakeholders with the trust towards the brand.

Bordo Group caused the people to say that "if they do, they do the best” in all areas of textile sector which they are involved in.

Bordo Group has became one of the owner of a brand/company heritage to add value to Turkey through long ages and achieved to be a model for companies with which it walked along and for companies which would appear subsequently.