About Us

Bordo Textile was established to reposition the brand found by the first generation of the Bordo Group in 1968 to become a global company and global “brand” by utilising the experience, know-how and the knowledge of the previous generations.

The brand aims to offer the fashion industry trends and high-quality in the clothing/fabric sector with the fastest service, high customer satisfaction and competitive prices. The 50-years of experience of the company group continues to lead the targets of the company by using the know-how and experiences in the textile industry.

The manufacturing principle of Bordo Textile lies in the manufacturing high-quality knit fabric to global brands that set the global trends. With this principle, the brand managed to earn a well-reputation and prestige in the global textile sector. In addition to experience and skills to manufacture all types of knit fabric, the company is an expert in sustainable textile, natural fibre textile and organic cotton products. The manufacturing line includes various natural fibres such as wool, linen, kapok, bamboo, organic cotton and silk.

The main manufacturing principles of Bordo Textile are fast and lean manufacturing with customer-oriented management approaches. The company focuses on the needs and expectations of its business partners in all service areas from management to manufacturing. Bordo Textile regards all suppliers, employees, customers and stakeholders as its business partners. With this view, the company managed to blend more than 50-years of experience in the textile sector with trust between the parties.


From the first day of establishment, the most important principle of Bordo Textile is to continuously offer the best practices to the business partners. In line with these principles, the most competitive textile manufacturing is provided with the best-service approach. Thus, Bordo Textile managed to positions itself as a reputable brand around the world in the knit fabric sector with its experience and know-how.


Sustainability and sustainable textile products have always been a priority for Bordo Textile. With the increasing sustainability trend among the global ready-wear clothing brands, Bordo Textile can now expand this priority around the world. The company manufactures high-quality knit fabric with sustainable processes. All the required capacity, resources, capabilities and technologies for sustainable manufacturing are integrated with the manufacturing lines. The company expands its experience in natural and sustainable products around the world.

Expert Team

The expert team of Bordo Textile is specialised to meet the needs and demands in the textile industry. With more than 50-years of experience in the textile sector, the company leverages the experience across the sector. This experience has been the driving element that tool the company forward. The dynamic and innovative team carefully listens to customers to understand their needs, makes market research to learn more about the trends and offers the best products and textile solutions.


Design is a journey that has a unique story. The design process of a textile product involves different steps from colour selection to pattern selection. What is more, the textile construction and knitting processes are the indispensable parts of the design process. The R&D team in the company monitors the new technologies and manufacturing techniques in the industry and experiments with these techniques to achieve the highest quality. Designed fabrics are carefully selected and included in the collection.


Innovative solutions and new technologies form the backbone of the company. The R&D team also focuses on new manufacturing processes such as nanotechnology. The company seeks to find and implement the best thread, dye-chemical processing and machinery in the industry. When a new technology is applied in the manufacturing line, the products are included in the collection.

Smart fabrics with nanotechnology and micro capsule applications are also manufactured by the company. This way, new properties can be added to different textiles. Water repellent, dirt-repellent, oil-repellent, fast-drying and Aloe Vera induced textile are some of the examples.


Without a good presentation, the quality and design of a product cannot be seen completely. Bordo Textile knows the importance of the presentation. Accordingly, the company is actively participating in textile fairs around the world. New textile products and fabrics are exhibited in global fairs such as Texworld, Premiere Vision, The Fairyland for Fashion and Munich Fabric Start. These fairs are also important to establish and strengthen business relationships and for B2B contacts.